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We are proud to introduce the McKee Project team, everyone on this list has been integral to the success and longevity of the charitable foundation.

Dr. Yayo Vicente S., DVM, MPH, MB
President and Co-Founder of the McKee Project. Developed No Kill No Shelter Strategy for developing nations. Former President of the Veterinary Licensing Board of Costa Rica, has held various positions in Costa Rican Government Ministries of Health and of Agriculture, including liaison to United States Embassy.
Christine Crawford
Co-Founder of the McKee Project. Started the International Spay and Neuter Surgery Training program for doctors in veterinary medicine as a tribute to Mary Ann McKee’s desire to change how animals are perceived and treated in developing nations.
Dr. Blas Rivas
Chief Surgery Training Veterinarian. Trained in Costa Rica, has practiced small animal medicine since 1989. Traveled to the US to learn Spay USA surgery technique and adapted the small incision method to rural/developing world settings. Has trained over 500 veterinarians in developing nations.
Dr. Olman Solano
Surgery Training Veterinarian. Trained in Costa Rica, has practiced small animal veterinary medicine for the past 15 years. Director of the new Veterinary Technician program in Costa Rica.
Dr. Eduardo Bitter
Chief Veterinarian of the McKee Project. Trained in Brazil, has practiced small animal veterinary medicine in Costa Rica since 1977.
Goldine Wang
Long time animal advocate and supporter of spay and neuter. When not in Costa Rica, Goldine resides in San Francisco, California.
Monica List, DVM, MA
Monica is an Animal Welfare Specialist for Compassion in World Farming USA. Prior to that, she was Veterinary Programs Manager for World Animal Protection Latin America (formerly WSPA), 2006-2010. Monica became a passionate advocate for the McKee project after participating in the surgical training program, and witnessing the success of McKee's strategy in many communities across Latin America. She helped introduce the McKee program in Guatemala in 2008, and is currently part of the McKee Foundation Board of Directors. Monica currently resides in the United States, where she is completing a doctoral program in animal welfare.
Emery Fitzgerald
Daughter of Mckee Founder, Christine Crawford, is the owner of Auntie Em’s Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Los Angeles, California. She is a long time animal activist who champions the rights of homeless pets. Emery heads the McKee Ambassador program Stateside and manages all aspects of Mckee’s social networking.
Gisela Vico
Animal welfare attorney, President ANPA, McKee Foundation Board of Directors. Through her tireless commitment, hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised animals have been spay and neutered in Costa Rica.
Adrian Eden
Director of Internet Marketing, Website Development, and Technology at McKee Project. American International School of Costa Rica, Country Day School Guanacaste, University of Victoria BC, Vancouver Arts College, 20 Years Experience in eComm and Website Development. A Student of Life and Love Helping Those in Need, Particularly Animals. A Proud Father and Avid Outdoorsman.
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera is a Zootechnician from the University of Costa Rica. She was responsible for building the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manuals for the Simon Bolivar's Zoo for the preparation of food for the animals. Has collaborated voluntarily in the projects of the Arenal Volcano National Park, Chirripó National Park, Irazú Volcano National Park (Craters and Prussia Sector), Corcovado National Park (Operating Center El Tigre) and Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve, and also she worked directly as a volunteer with the Black turtles (Chelonia mydas) and leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) in the Leatherback National Marine Park project (Sector Playa Name of Jesus) in order to ensure their conservation. She is the Project Coordinator of the McKee Project Foundation, being in charge of logistics in trainings executed by the Foundation. Also responsible for the preparation of the necessary supply in the trainings where the McKee technique is implemented. She has experience in formulating grant proposals and reports to donors of the Foundation.